Self and Time Management

Self and Time Management14.02.2024 09:00 - 17:00 (Mi)
Self and Time Management15.02.2024 09:00 - 17:00 (Do)

GraduateCenterLMU Workshop for Doctoral Candidates

Time cannot be bought, stored or stopped. Every second that passes is gone forever. In this respect it should be seen as the most valuable of all resources and the only way to maximize its potential is to use it well. What "well" means in this context is a highly individual thing. Participants will leave the workshop with many insights on their own patterns and a toolset to increase effectivity and efficiency. They will have a chance to clarify and prioritize their values and goals, and plan tasks and projects that align with their goals. The workshop will help to identify particular time wasters and adopt strategies for eliminating them from the work pattern. Participants will learn about individual high energy periods and how to focus attention. As the planning of scientific research projects becomes more and more crucial, one training unit introduces this topic.

Workshop topics:

  • Values and Goals ... keeping track
  • Priorities! ... first things first
  • Timeline ... how to deal with time
  • Life Balancing ... dealing with stress and strain
  • Effective Time Management ... how to manage and use time
  • Catch the Thieves ... hunting for the "cookies"
  • Project Management Basics ... following the critical path

Requirements: To prepare for the workshop, a questionnaire and worksheets will be provided to the participants in advance. The participants are required to return the questionnaire two weeks prior to the workshop via email and to bring the completed worksheets along to the workshop.

Language of workshop: English

Target group: Doctoral candidates of LMU Munich from the Natural Sciences (the number of participants is limited)

Certificate of attendance: Participants will receive a certificate of attendance from the GraduateCenterLMU.

Ground floor, Leopoldstraße 30, 80802 München
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