Conditions of Participation for Events

1. Participants
People fitting the target group in the respective announcement may participate in GraduateCenterLMU events. The target groups are prospective doctoral candidates, doctoral candidates, and postdocs at LMU Munich. Doctoral candidates at LMU are persons with a university degree that qualifies them for doctoral studies (e.g. Master, Zweiter Abschnitt der Ärztlichen Prüfung or similar) and who will submit their dissertation at LMU.

Doctoral candidates from other universities are only eligible for participation in exceptional cases. They are requested to contact

2. Registration, frequency of participation
Registration is online via the GraduateCenterLMU Portal. You will receive a receipt of your registration by email. This email does not yet constitute a confirmation that you may attend the event. You will usually receive the admission in a separate email a few weeks after the online registration.

You can register for any number of events (workshops, Kurz & bündig, GC Forum, special events, etc.). However, you may only attend three workshops per year, unless workshops are not fully booked. Repeated participation in workshops on the same topic is not allowed.

3. Admission, temporary absence, cancellation
The admission to an event is only valid for you personally. Spots in events will be allocated exclusively by the GraduateCenterLMU, you may not independently appoint a substitute.

If you are unable to attend an event for the entire duration, you must inform the GraduateCenterLMU in advance so that someone from the waiting list can be admitted in your place.

If you cancel less than five working days before the start of a workshop, fail to attend a workshop without excuse, or miss parts of a workshop, you will only be considered subordinately for future GraduateCenterLMU events.

If you repeatedly fail to appear to special events or events in the "Kurz & bündig" or "GC Forum" series without canceling in time or are temporarily absent, you will only be considered subordinately for future GraduateCenterLMU events.

All messages and questions regarding temporary absences or cancellations should be addressed directly to the GraduateCenterLMU, not to the instructors of the events.

4. Confirmation of participation
After participation in a workshop you will receive a confirmation of participation issued by the GraduateCenterLMU. If you miss parts of a workshop, you will not receive a confirmation of participation. The GraduateCenterLMU does not award ECTS points. No confirmations of participation will be issued for special events or events in the "Kurz & bündig" or "GC Forum" series.

In accordance with the data protection declaration, your event registrations will be deleted at the end of the following calendar year. After this, confirmations of participation can no longer be issued.