ChroMe: Chromatin-metabolism interactions as targets for healthy living


An EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Initial Training Network for PhD students

ChroMe’s research targets an important nexus between metabolism and chromatin. This holds great promise to develop novel metabolic disease therapeutics, predict disease risk and take new preventive measures that can correct the genetic and epigenetic predisposition to obesity and diabetes.

The research goals of ChroMe are to understand how chromatin is steered by metabolism to sustain health or cause disease, and to exploit our new knowledge and expertise to develop new therapies.

The objectives of the ChroMe Research and Training Network are to

  • exploit molecular knowledge of chromatin-metabolism interactions toward therapeutic goals,
  • comprehensively train and develop young scientists in metabolic health and
  • provide human capital to promote healthy aging and fight the metabolic disease pandemic.

Applications for all 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) positions should be submitted using this application system, provided by the GraduateCenter of LMU Munich. You will be required to enter information about yourself, upload a CV, and select the PhD project you are interested in.

Referees: You must also provide the contact details of two referees. We will then invite those referees to submit confidential letters of recommendation. Please contact persons who can critically evaluate your academic and scientific performance (e.g. professors, research supervisors, etc.) as soon as possible. This will allow your mentors sufficient time to submit the letters in a timely manner.

Deadline: The application portal will close for submissions on August 8, 2016, midnight (Munich time). All applications having been submitted until the deadline will be evaluated.

For any questions, please contact

Dr. Anton Eberharter, BioMedical Center, Munich University