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Data collection and storage

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität attaches great importance to protecting personal data.

Personal data

Personal data are items of information that can be used to ascertain your identity. This includes information such as your name, street and/or postal address, telephone number and e-mail address. Information that cannot be directly associated with your identity (such as the number of users of the site) is not considered to be personal data. 

Personal data is collected on our website only insofar as required for technical purposes and is stored in connection with a call for application. Please note that an application to the LMU Research Fellowships Program is subject to additional data protection regulations.

We continually work to improve our online content and for this purpose we gather statistical information and analyse the technical possibilities for usage. Visits to our website are logged and analysed in anonymised form.

Storage of IP addresses; use of JavaScript and cookies 

In order to access our website the short term registration of your IP address is required. An IP address is a unique, globally valid identifier of your computer. As a private user, in most cases you will not use a constant IP address because an IP address is only assigned to you temporarily by your provider. However, the connection of user data to particular individuals is in principle possible with static IP addresses. Our server stores IP addresses for up to 24 hours. After this the access data is automatically anonymised.

We use cookies (small text files containing visitor information that are temporarily stored on your computer's hard drive) in order to track frequency of use, repeated use and number of users of our website. The cookies used by us are anonymised and are used exclusively for the above purposes. We do not use them to learn about your personal user behaviour or to adapt the content of our website to your personal browsing habits.

The data relating to your visit is collected via a JavaScript program embedded in the source code of our website and forwarded to our web server. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings only some of the information will be recorded and the number of page views counted.

During your visit to our website the following information is automatically logged in our user statistics

  • Your IP address - abbreviated after a maximum of 24 hours and thereby anonymised *
  • A unique number to distinguish visitors (if cookies are enabled)
  • URLs visited within our website
  • Timing of page views
  • Type of HTML queries
  • Previously visited URL (if transmitted by browser) *
  • Name and version of your operating system *
  • Name, version and language preference of your browser *
  • Screen resolution and colour depth
  • Technologies and formats supported by browser (cookies, Java, Flash, PDF, WindowsMedia, QuickTime, Realplayer, Director, SilverLight, Google Gears)

* If JavaScript is disabled only the information marked with an asterisk (*) will be collected.

Our website can generally be used without you having to disclose your identity. It is possible to configure your browser by modifying the browser settings so that cookies are rejected and the execution of JavaScript programs is disabled. If you want to do this, we recommend that you consult the information provided by your browser maker (for example, in the Help menu of your internet browser or on the relevant website), or contact your browser supplier for further assistance and information.

In addition, you can delete already enabled cookies yourself at any time by selecting the appropriate menu item in your internet browser or by deleting the cookies from the relevant directory on your hard drive.   

Data required for applying for a doctorate via this online application tool

If you wish to apply for a doctorate via this online application or to use another personalized service, the data required for this will be stored by us. This generally includes your email address, first name and surname as well as other data, which is needed in the context of your application - depending on the respective call. Your data are used only in order to provide you with the requested service and will be treated confidentially. The data sets will be used for statistical evaluation and to analyze system performance. We do not pass your data on to any third parties except the program which you are applying for and we do not use the data for other purposes.

In order to be able to operate the website and the services we offer we work together with other service providers who may also receive personal data for these purposes. These service providers are under contract to the GraduateCenterLMU and are only permitted to use personal data that they receive in this connection for the authorized purpose.

We guarantee that your data will not be sold or rented to other companies or organizations in the context of general address trading.

Data transmission 

Your personal data will only be transmitted to government organisations and authorities in legally required cases and/or for prosecution in the event of attacks on our network infrastructure. Your personal data are not provided to third parties for any other purpose.

Right to information

You have the right at any time to information about your stored personal data, including the origin and recipients of the data and the purpose for which the data is being stored. This information can be obtained from GraduateCenterLMU.

Disclaimer in relation to links to external websites 

This website includes links to external sites and/or servers that are not within the control or responsibility of the GraduateCenterLMU. The relevant provider shall be responsible for the content of any linked external pages. The GraduateCenterLMU assumes no liability and provides no warranty in relation to this information and does not approve or support the content of the linked sites. In establishing the initial link, the GraduateCenterLMU reviewed the relevant external content in order to determine whether such link might give rise to civil or criminal liability. However, a constant review of the content of linked external pages is unreasonable without concrete reason to believe that a violation of the law may be involved. If the GraduateCenterLMU determines, or if it is pointed out by others, that an external site to which it is connected via a link may give rise to civil or criminal liability, then the GraduateCenterLMU will immediately eliminate any link to this site. The GraduateCenterLMU expressly dissociates itself from such content.

OpenCampus® Authentication System 

This system uses the OpenCampus® engine for distributed authentication. To enable authentication for this website your user credentials and e-mail are stored on the central OpenCampus® authentication server.