Application for Graduate School Life Science Munich

 The online application tool for the

Graduate School Life Science Munich

will open on the 12th of July 2018

The LSM deadline is every six months from the time of your registration!

For information on the Graduate School, its faculty members, and how to apply to the LSM graduate programme, please visit our website for further details:

Please make sure you read the information on the above links, before emailing the LSM office.

Registration: in order to apply to the programme, you have to register first and agree to the terms and conditions. You will receive an instant email of confirmation with an activation link. Here you will choose a password. You must activate your registration through this link. Only then will you be considered a registered user and your details will be saved throughout your application for a limited time period of six months or longer in case of a successful candidacy.

Programme choice: in the general information tab, you will be required to choose between two options; internal candidate and external candidate. For internal candidates, you are applying to the graduate school only, as you have already started your doctoral studies with an LSM group member. Cut-off entry date is 1st year into your doctoral thesis under the conditions that you have attended your 1st TAC meeting (see website for info)! And upload your 1st TAC form!

For external candidates, you are applying for a doctoral position as well as the graduate school. Should your application be successful, we will contact you in a timely fashion. We kindly ask that you refrain from enquiries about your candidacy before we get in touch with you. Please visit our FAQ webpage before emailing the LSM office, should you encounter any issues you are unable to overcome, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the doctoral projects tab: during your application, you will have the option of putting down up to three doctoral projects, make sure to label each according to your preference (priority 1), (priority 2) and (priority 3). Please make sure you have done your own research on the topic you are applying for and write your reasoning in the "Motivation for selected research project(s)" section.

Timeline for the applications are described in detail on the respective webpages!

For detailed information about the LSM program please go to our website:

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