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Thank you for your interest in the M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences!

The M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences is a research-oriented program that promotes a selected group of highly motivated students to engage in state-of-the-art research in the internationally emerging field of the Learning Sciences. The program is offered by the Munich Center of the Learning Sciences (MCLS). The M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences combines fundamental skills and expertise from the fields of psychology and education – and has a clear focus on learning, research and excellence. 

The application period for the M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences October intake is open at the beginning of the same year as follows (The tool is not open beforehand).

Application period:     January 15 -  March 01
Submission deadline: March 01, 11:59pm (UTC+1)

We highly recommend to submit the application a few days before the deadline.
This serves to avoid any submission problems due to server problems, which may occur if too many users try to submit their application at once.

In order to get accepted, international applicants have to apply at (1) the M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences and (2) the International Office of LMU via the Master Program's Office.
German students with a German degree only need to apply at (1) the M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences.

1. Application at the M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences

  • Your data is NOT stored automatically! Please use the "save" button at the bottom of each page to store your information before logging out!
  • Upload of documents: Select the file and then click on "upload"
  • Only PDF files can be uploaded. In case there is only one "Upload document" request for multiple PDF files (e.g., Evidence for all courses and experience), please merge the PDFs into one and then upload it (You find various freeware online).
  • The article for analysis is solely available for download in the application tool.
  • You don’t have to fill out the application in one go. You can come back to it throughout the application period. You are able to change information until you "submitted" your application.
  • There is a separate "Save and Submit" button for final submission of all documents and data. This is visible at the bottom of each page. You will be notified if some fields have not been filled in or if there is a document missing.
  • After successful submission of all documents, the profile cannot be edited anymore. No further changes are possible.
  • There is also an email notification, confirming the successful submission of your application.
  • A list of all required documents can be found on the following link: http://www.en.mcls.lmu.de/study_programs/master/documents1/documents_for_the_application.pdf
    Here is the link to the application requirements:
    Here is the link to the FAQ and all necessary documents:

2. Application at the international office of the LMU Munich (only for applicants with foreign citizenship)

  • Applicants with foreign citizenship please check the information on our website first, as we recommend to apply through our office: http://www.en.mcls.lmu.de/study_programs/master/documents/index.html
  • Please make sure to send your documents for the International Office solely to the Master Program’s office. If you are accepted, we will finalize your documents and forward them to the International Office directly! This ensures fast communication and the possibility to send your acceptance letters via e-mail. Do not send your documents to both offices either!
  • Since the M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences is offered in English, there is no need for proof of German language fluency.
  • All information about deadlines and required documents for application at the international office can be found here: http://www.en.uni-muenchen.de/students/degree/admission_info/index.html

 Please note

  • We do not accept applications after the deadline.
  • Incomplete applications cannot be processed.
  • If your application is rejected, you can apply again next year.